Jay Baruchel Launches Cannabis Podcast

'Highly Legal' explores the aftermath of weed legalization

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 18, 2021

Actor Jay Baruchel is a noted cannabis enthusiast, having appeared in weed-friendly comedies like Knocked Up and This Is the End. That explains why Baruchel has launched Highly Legal, a new podcast about Canada's cannabis legalization.

The original podcast from Audible launched yesterday (August 17). A press release describes it like this: "In this podcast, Jay tackles all of our questions surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Canada. How has legalization changed things? And what has the rest of the world learned from this once-in-a-generation experiment? Jay Baruchel takes a look at the booms and busts, the winners and the losers, of this historical event in Canada."

The eight-episode run includes topics like "The Grey Market," "The Green Rush" and "Is Weed Good for You?"

Baruchel told the Canadian Press, "There's a bunch of folks out there who made careers off of being hawkishly anti-weed and sending generations of people away who, overnight all of a sudden, became CEOs for burgeoning pot corporations…Whether or not you smoke weed, that should be something of interest to the average Canadian."

Highly Legal is available from audible.ca, although you'll need a membership to listen. A membership costs $14.95 a month, following a free 30-day trial.

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