Into the Forest

Patricia Rozema

Courtesy of TIFF

BY Robert BellPublished Sep 13, 2015

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Based on the Jean Hegland novel of the same name, Patricia Rozema's adaptation of Into the Forest drops some of the visual metaphorical musings and easily misinterpreted sexuality of the source text (hinting at it instead) but maintains the feminine survivalist dynamic and subdued metaphysical angst. The core story — of sisters Nell (Ellen Page) and Eva (Evan Rachel Wood) living on their own outside of town after a presumably global power outage leaves society on the brink of collapse — allows for a detailed assessment of humanity and sibling dynamics, which both Page and Wood take full advantage of, turning in highly convincing performances. 
At times troubling and even frustrating (people aren't always likeable in these situations), this intimately observed portrait of two sisters finding strength in each other is a deeply moving testament to the nature of what remains of our identity when all of the noise and modern conveniences of the world are stripped away.
(Elevation Pictures)

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