"Hush!" is a movie desperately in need of some editing. At 135 minutes (it feels longer), it becomes painful to watch towards the end as the audience begins to care less about the characters than they do about the credits rolling.

The story is about the relationship between two men and a young woman they meet. After almost giving up on life, she decides to embrace it and decides she wants to have a baby by one of the two men. The movie takes a long time to establish the scenario, inter-cutting between the lives of the three characters until they finally meet. The audience wonders when or if that will finally happen so that the story can get on with it already. Along with being overly long, the story is also overly dramatic. Though the story of the three central characters is sometimes touching, they are surrounded with a cast of family, friends and co-workers, too many of whom appear to be on the verge of destruction. It's not exactly the most credible story you'll see in the theatre.