Gwyneth Paltrow's Latest Gimmick Is a Candle Called "This Smells Like My Orgasm"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 17, 2020

It's certainly something to know that whatever mass chaos is going on in the world, we can rest assured that Goop guru Gwyneth Paltrow will still be drumming up hype with her shenanigans. Following the release of her vagina-scented candle and subsequent Netflix series earlier this year, she's now selling a candle called "This Smells Like My Orgasm."

The $75 USD candle has a pre-order page but is currently greyed out from being able to purchase (due to a high volume of sales, probably). And no, it doesn't smell like the infamous "jizz tree." Instead, it's "made with tart grapefruit, neroli, and ripe cassis berries blended with gunpowder tea and Turkish rose absolutes for a scent that's sexy, surprising, and wildly addictive."

Paltrow announced the new scent on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she was somewhat awkwardly joined by her 14-year-old son Moses.

You can watch the segment below.

The actor and wellness maverick had previously told Late Night with Seth Meyers that the idea for her vagina candle had been "a little bit punk rock."

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