​Frankie Muniz Is a Huge Horndog for Lizzo

​Frankie Muniz Is a Huge Horndog for Lizzo
Frankie Muniz may forever be known as the little kid in Malcolm in the Middle, but he's proving that he's grown up into a 33-year-old horndog.
The actor is apparently a huge fan of Lizzo, and he took to Twitter to let the Cuz I Love You singer know.
He asked Lizzo to "lemme be your accessory," adding, "I can be a purse... put a chain around me and I'll hold your stuff for you... just sayin."
Sure, it might have been a literal suggestion out of the kindness of his heart, but most people reading the tweet took it to be a much raunchier offer — and they had no problem calling Muniz out for his thirsty comments.
See some of the reactions below.
Lizzo herself has yet to respond.