Final Warped Tour to Be Filmed for Documentary Series

Final Warped Tour to Be Filmed for Documentary Series
As previously reported, this summer will mark the final travelling edition of the Warped Tour. That said, for better or worse, the fest will live on via a new documentary series.

According to Variety, director DJay Brawner will follow the fest to create a four-part documentary that says farewell to the tour while also exploring its influence and history. The documentary series will pair footage of the final tour with plenty of archival footage.

"The documentary that we're putting together is really about the legacy of the tour," Brawner said. "Of course, this year being the final year it's important for us to capture moments from the culmination, but what we're really trying to put together is a story about how the tour started and grew over the last 24 years, with all of it culminating with the final day and what that means for this team of people, the future of the brand and everything in between.

"So what we're really trying to put together is something where we celebrate the faces of the tour, artists like Blink-182, Limp Bizkit, No Doubt, Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, Taking Back Sunday — the list goes on and on. Getting all of them to tell us their story of Warped, and also all the people who have been involved it from other angles, like the [longtime sponsor] Vans team, the various sponsors, the music managers and publicists of all the tour over the years."

The Warped Tour turns 25 in 2019. Along with the documentary series, the fest will be celebrated with a special event.

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