Denial Directed by Mick Jackson

Denial Directed by Mick Jackson
Watching coverage of this year's American presidential election might seem to suggest otherwise, but feelings eclipsing facts have always been a big part of political discourse. For that reason, director Mick Jackson's (1992's The Bodyguard) return to the silver screen with Denial feels perfectly timed and poignant.
Based on true events, the film tells the story of acclaimed American author Deborah E. Lipstadt (played by Rachel Weisz, in one of her finest performances) and her multi-year courtroom battle against David Irving (a svelte and sinister Timothy Spall), a vehement Holocaust denier and self-taught historian who attempted to sue her for libel.
Because the story is set in Britain, a lot of the trial's and film's weight falls on the defense's barrister and solicitor, and Tom Wilkinson and Andrew Scott pack a wallop in both roles. It's their combination with a whip-smart and emotional script from David Hare and powerful performances from the film's two leads, though, that makes a good case for Denial being in the Oscar race.

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