Date Night

BY Daniel PrattPublished Jun 7, 2012

Stories of being dumped, chance meetings in a foreign land, discussions of pre-marital sex, keeping promises to yourself or your partner and realizing you've made the wrong choice are all situations we can relate to. The Date Night shorts program has a little something for everyone, assuming that you've been on a date.

The program begins with Lunch Date, wherein a young lady is dumped by her boyfriend's younger brother. While this might sound cliché, the 14-year-old boy gives hope and enlightenment to the young lady, affording viewers something they can take away.

The theme of hope ties in nicely with the next short, Rhinos, which is hands-down the most memorable film in the program. A chance meeting between a young Irish lad and a free-spirited German girl turns into a wondrous afternoon of exploration, proving that you don't need to speak the same language to make a connection, that kindness and happiness can transcend mere words.

The stop-motion animation of To Die By Your Side, from co-director Spike Jonze, is a cutesy romantic tale of two storybook characters that leap off the covers of their respective books into each other's arms. The message is simple: even death can't stop the power of love.

Café Regular, Cairo is an interesting look at the discussion of pre-marital sex from a Muslim couple's perspective. This short proves that regardless of religious beliefs, communication and open discussion go a long way in solidifying a strong relationship.

Furthering that notion, We Refuse To Be Cold tells the story of a whimsical couple that devise their own survival guide to enduring the long, cold Montreal winter, which is a metaphor for weathering the occasional dark clouds in any relationship. While the cinematography is nothing to write home about, the usage of the dark blues encapsulates the lows, while the vivid colours capture the highs.

As with any lovey-dovey themed program, it's inevitable that there will be a cornball short film, and After The Credits is it. A boy abandons his bride at the altar to race to the airport to stop the girl he truly loves. Been there, done that.

Conversely, I Could've Been A Hooker is anything but formulaic, showcasing a persistent young woman with a pair of gardening shears and a chance encounter with a man. Her intent is to chop the testicles off of a male from her past, but the real story evolves from her newfound friendship. The woman's awkwardness and quirky behaviour are captured perfectly on-screen, leading you to root for her insanity.

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