Clash of the Titans Louis Laterrier

Clash of the Titans Louis Laterrier
Like God of War's mentally challenged big brother, Clash of the Titans hacks its way onto the silver screen, ushering in the 2010 blockbuster season. A remake of the 1981 movie of the same title, Titans takes cues from its stop-motion predecessor without being an outright clone. Projected in 3D at participating theatres, the extra dimension fails to add to the overall experience - Avatar this is not. Despite the fact that both Avatar and Titans star Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation), the current leading action hero du jour, the 3D effects fall flat and often detract from the on screen action, drawing attention to the CGI monsters' videogame-like qualities.

Playing fast and loose with Greek mythology, Clash of the Titans follows the trials of demigod Perseus (Sam Worthington), the son of Zeus, as he struggles to save the world from the vengeful Hades (Ralph Fiennes). Perseus and his band of soldiers set off across the ancient world, battling mythical creatures as they search for a weapon capable of defeating the Kraken before it destroys the city of Argos.

As summer blockbusters go, Clash of the Titans is pretty much par for the course: big, loud, mindlessly entertaining and mildly stupid. Not Transformers 2 stupid, just regular stupid in a way that anyone looking to escape into a broadly painted fantasy epic will appreciate. And while I am a fan of 3D when properly applied, I would almost go so far as to recommend seeing Titans in old-fashioned 2D. Some of the high-octane action smears across your vision in a muddle of head spinning motion that may leave you feeling befuddled and a little violated.

Worthington continues to fulfil his role as "generic everyman who manages to play his part without detracting from the eye candy special effects," but as with most early season blockbuster films, the star of the show is the gut rumbling bass.

If you want to shut down an overtaxed cerebral cortex, Clash of the Titans will do the job. If you want an engaging encounter with the Olympians, stay home with Kratos and your Playstation 3. (Warner)