Christmas in June

BY Daniel PrattPublished Jun 7, 2012

Christmas is generally a time for celebration, so how better to celebrate short films than by a short film program dedicated to the season? You can almost hear the carollers singing an ode to one animated pig, two mourning parents-to-be, six Swedish hipsters and a blind man hanging lights in a tree.

A computer animated pig realizes he's about to be cooked in Christmas Piggy, which features some rather rudimentary graphics and an odd original song, which is cringe-worthy.

Thankfully, the next film in the program, Margo Lily, is substantially more cerebral, with its moving story about love and loss. Filmed entirely in a backyard under the moonlight, with the faint glow of Christmas lights to remind that it is intended to be a cheerful occasion, this sad couple attempts to plant a pine tree in remembrance of their lost baby. Even with the brief scene of them dropping a foetus into a dug out hole, the heart-wrenching tale will undoubtedly pull at some heartstrings.

Most communities in North America have a resident that goes crazy at Christmas time, à la Clark Griswold. Clark Kent documents one such fanatic, but takes it a step further, showcasing a visually-impaired man and delving into why he goes to such unselfish lengths to bring joy to his townsfolk.

It's an odd concept, given the selfish commercialism of the Christmas holiday, yet Toot Toot also tackles the concept of greed versus giving. A little boy (conveniently reminiscent of Ralphie in A Christmas Story) opens a Christmas gift a bit too early and shenanigans ensue.

Straight out of New Zealand, two Kiwi teens commit a burglary and end up realizing the error of their way in Ebony Society. It's a unique take on A Christmas Carol that is unfortunately rather fragmented and misses the mark, but will still bring a smile to your face with its lesson in morality.

Rounding out the program is Music for One X-mas and Six Drummers, where a group of Swedes trick their way into a retirement home, hijacking the old folks' arts and crafts room, using the items found in the space to create an original Christmas tune.

The uncomfortable scenario is puzzling and begs the question: why was this short film made?

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