CFC 20th Anniversary: Short Dramatic Films

CFC 20th Anniversary: Short Dramatic Films
At first glimpse quite different, the five films in the CFC’s 20th Anniversary selection actually have a lot in common. Themes of family, connection, regret and desire run through all five — from a rabbi’s urge to rock an roll to a photographer’s drive to document the extreme edges of human experience, from a widow’s brave attempt to get back into the world of the living to a widower’s inability to do the same.

Song of Solomon is a humorous story about a rabbi’s crisis of faith when a catchy pop song just refuses to leave his head. When a concert he wants to attend is scheduled on Shabbat, he hides his plans from his family and community in order to have one wild night. Unfortunately, the brief lapse has further reaching consequences than he realises!

In Burgeon and Fade, a recent widow and her daughter attend an anniversary party and deal with the ups and downs of aging, dating and family relationships. When her daughter’s beauty attracts the attention of everyone at the party, mom’s insecurities are brought to the forefront.

Shutter follows a frustrated wedding photographer who has an accidental encounter with a war photojournalist at the local photo lab and ends up caught in a web of passion, obsession and pain. What’s more difficult: following your dreams down an uncomfortable path or finding yourself at the end of it to realise nothing is what you expected?

In Night, a man’s grief over the loss of his wife is so immense that it makes the sun quite literally disappear. To avoid living in an eternal night, his daughter and his wife’s ghost have to help him let her go.

Poor Hanley shouldn’t have slept with his co-worker in that broom closet! Cursed by his ex-fiancé, things go from bad to catastrophic and Hanley seeks the help of a charismatic psychic. Cursing Hanley features some hilarious performances, most notably from Jim Allodi (as Hanley) and Canadian veteran actor Stephen McHattie.