Bad Cat Directed by Mehmet Kurtuluş and Ayşe Ünal

Bad Cat Directed by Mehmet Kurtuluş and Ayşe Ünal
Later this year, Seth Rogen will be credited with bringing the R-rated cartoon sensibilities of Fritz the Cat to the CGI era with his food movie Sausage Party. In reality, however, he's been beaten to the punch. Unabashedly crass and delightfully depraved, Bad Cat is a filthy feline movie that'll appease fans of transgressive animation the world over.

Based on the Turkish comic Kötu Kedi Şerafettin from Bülent Üstün, the film centres on Shero — a fat, fucked-up tabby cat with a penchant for cigs and a filthy mouth. Think Garfield, but in place of lasagna he spends his life chasing liquor and, well, pussy. As if that weren't enough, there's a weed-loving seagull, a cussing rat and an alternative zombie to boot.

While many adult cartoons would simply hope that you never tire of its profane premise, Bad Cat manages to maintain full attention for its entire runtime, offering an unending batch of classic cartoon pratfalls and some wonderfully animated character work. Fans of Ratatouille and Tom & Jerry will find just as much to enjoy as fans of weirdo underground comics.

You're in for a hell of an explanation if your kids discover it, but Bad Cat is a truly fantastic adult cartoon.