Archival 'Stranger Things' Newsreel Investigates Missing Barb (and Stolen Eggos)

Archival 'Stranger Things' Newsreel Investigates Missing Barb (and Stolen Eggos)
We've already seen Stranger Things get mashed up with A Charlie Brown Christmas, but today (October 31), Netflix is giving fans of the hit show a Halloween treat with a special newscast.
The streaming service shared an "archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ Hawkins, Indiana," in which viewers are informed of some seriously mysterious goings-on in their small town. In addition to covering the tragic disappearance of Barb, the anchor also informs us that there seems to be an exorbitant number of missing Eggos.
If you've had trouble snagging a box of waffles for your own super last-minute Eleven costume, Kellogg's is ready to help with a handy print-out version of the retro '80s packaging, which you can download here.

The breakfast treats aren't the only snack experiencing a surge of popularity thanks to Strange Things; fans have been asking Hunt's to bring back the vintage packaging containing the chocolate pudding Snack Packs seen on the show.
Before you head out for a spooky night of Halloween fun, get caught up on the Hawkins local news below.