Amy Schumer Buys $2,000 Mattress for Store Manager Who Let Her Use the Bathroom

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 21, 2017

Amy Schumer may not be playing the titular doll in the upcoming live action Barbie movie anymore, but she is nevertheless helping a random store employee on her way to attaining a Dreamhouse of her own.
Sagine Lazarre was working at a mattress store in Chicago last week when a mid-jog Schumer entered the store and asked to use the bathroom. Lazarre, the manager of the Six Corners branch of MattressFirm, obliged the actress's request and received an unexpected gift in return.
On her way out of the shop, Schumer purchased a pricey $2,000 USD mattress on the spot and gifted it to the store manager.
"She comes out of the bathroom and asks me which one of these [mattresses] is my favourite," Lazarre explained to WGN News. "I told her. She told me she wanted to buy it for me. And I was so shocked!"
The manager recognized Schumer's name on her credit card, and says she was familiar with her work, but had to double check to make sure the whole thing wasn't an elaborate prank.
"After she left, I Googled her name," she added. "The lady that was right there talking to me is Amy Schumer. It was amazing. Unbelievable."
Watch an interview clip with Lazarre (and the actual home delivery of the mattress) over here, courtesy of WGN News.
Schumer has previously made headlines for her unexpected acts of generosity; she famously left a $1,000 tip on a $77 bar tab, and even bought back her father's childhood farmhouse as a gift to her dad last year.

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