"Weird Al" Yankovic

"Perform This Way" (video)

BY Gabrielle DomanskiPublished Nov 17, 2016

"Weird Al" Yankovic rarely holds back when it comes to his playful digs at pop celebrities, and one shouldn't expect anything less when it comes to his upcoming release Alpocalypse. The single "Perform This Way," a parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," sees "Weird Al" putting in his two cents about some of Gaga's wardrobe decisions. But the brand new video for "Perform This Way" takes on a whole new level of creepy.

The clip finds Weird Al superimposing his face onto a Gaga body double and recreating some of the star's more memorable outfits, as well as new ones, which, who knows, may provide Mama Monster with some inspiration.

Check the video out for yourself below.

Alpocalypse hits stores June 21 via Jive, but you can check out Exclaim!'s stream of the full album here.

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