The Nasty Show Just For Laughs, Montreal QC, July 25

Robert Kelly, Mike Britt, Leighland Beckman, Ms. Pat, Ari Shaffir and Brad Williams walk the line of decency
The Nasty Show Just For Laughs, Montreal QC, July 25
As censorship standards have loosened and swearing has become more commonplace, the taboo of "The Nasty Show" is not what it was when it began three decades ago. Whether the sets at this show truly crossed any lines is up for debate, but in the end, the funny was pretty indisputable.
Host Robert Kelly (pictured) had people belly laughing with his idea for how to train his handsome 4-year-old for having sex in his teens, plus his act-out of a sexual fantasy was one of the few things on the show that truly earned the description of "nasty."
After that, Mike Britt and Leighland Beckman also did sets centred around the theme of sex. Britt did exceptionally with his material about his wife procrastinating in their sex life, but Beckman was a lowlight of the night as he nervously sang about how he wanted to sleep with women throughout history, and got middling laughs with average puns and rhymes.
Robert Kelly then introduced Ms. Pat with an incredible level of praise, but her set didn't match the hype. Her material about her lesbian daughter got a bit graphic, and it featured one appallingly hilarious line about vaginal discharge, but her last joke was so weird that it confused both the crowd and the host.
After the intermission, Kelly brought out the hard hitters. Ari Shaffir barely walked the line of decency with his hilarious story about pretending to be outrageously racist in order to get out of jury duty, plus Brad Williams did a killer set that ended the show on an unforgettable high note. Getting insanely blue and physical with stories of threesomes and a freak-like couple where the man was three feet taller than the woman, Williams' set was the best finale anyone could ask for at the Nasty Show.