Sam Richardson Won't Rule Out a Return of 'Detroiters'

"A hundred percent, we'd want to go back"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 24, 2021

Ahead of appearing in the second season of Tim Robinson's I Think You Should Leave, Sam Richardson isn't ruling out a return to Detroiters following the beloved show's abrupt cancellation.

Asked about the potential of a third Detroiters season following Comedy Central's 2018 decision to cancel the series, Richardson told, "A hundred percent, we'd want to go back."

"I love Detroiters so much, and there was so much more that we want to do with it. So we've gotten...I think it got clipped off the tree before it was fully, fully bare," Richardson shared. "I love and I am very proud of those first two seasons, but I'm also curious to what we would have done had we done more, and we still want to do more."

He continued, "We text each other, the creators, me, Tim, Joe [Kelly], and Zach [Kanin], we text each other plot points, pitches still. Even if it's just for us to laugh about, we'll like text out...[I don't want to] give those away, because who knows if we do come back, I don't want to burn a hilarious thing. We'll send it back and then we'll just start to stockpile and it kind of just snowballs and we come up with these episodes. So if we got the chance to do it again, we a hundred percent would love it."

Detroiters starred Richardson and Robertson as a pair of advertising execs working in the show's titular city. The series also featured a selection of guest stars that had ties to the area, including Danny Brown, wrestler Kevin Nash, former Detroit Piston Rick Mahorn, Keegan-Michael Key, Mort Crim and more.

The second season of I Think You Should Leave premieres July 6 on Netflix. But Richardson will first star in the new film Werewolves Within, which is out tomorrow (June 25). He will also appear in the forthcoming Amazon film The Tomorrow War.

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