Noel Fielding Banned from Wearing "Wacky" Outfits on 'The Great British Bake Off'

His signature flamboyant fashion sense could return "once viewers have got used to him," though

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 6, 2017

Lovable goth weirdo Noel Fielding recently surprised fans by revealing himself as one of The Great British Bake Off's new hosts, but viewers apparently won't be getting the full Fielding experience when the UK show returns later this year.
According to the Sun, Channel 4 are hoping to tone down Fielding's eccentric appearance and "wacky" wardrobe to make him more palatable to the British public.
"Noel first became popular because he didn't look like everyone else on TV. He was dark and grungy and enjoyed being weird," a source told the tabloid. "But now he is about to be front and centre on the nation's favourite program, so he is having to make some big changes to his persona."
That same source claims that the network has plans to "rein him in" and present a more "clean-cut" TV personality — specifically demanding that Fielding wears less black. That seems to present a pretty obvious obstacle for the oddball comedian, who initially shared the news of his latest job by telling his Twitter followers that he would be "representing goths in the mainstream."
Despite the compromises Fielding will apparently have to make for the network, some of his more flamboyant fashions could surface later in the series.
"Don't expect him to turn up in a boring shirt and jeans," the Sun's source added. "He's vowed to don some more extravagant, colourful outfits later in the series once viewers have got used to him."
Here's hoping for the eventual return of whatever you'd call this costume.

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