Nathan Macintosh To the Point

Nathan Macintosh To the Point
Canadian expat Nathan Macintosh exhibits his well-written and manically presented jokes on the short, aptly named To the Point.
In his own jovial manner, Macintosh delves into a kind of relatable, universal exasperation, setting up observational premises with a sharp tone that is relatively calm, compared to the manner in which he pitches his voice when raging through punch lines.
His material here covers topics like Americans who treat Canada like an ever-present option in case their own nation becomes too much to bear, how we now use phones for virtually everything but their original purpose, and why he thinks the old Beatles vs. Stones debate was really moot by 1970. The craft here is rather exquisite; these are top-notch, hilarious jokes, written from the perspective of a very smart man.
Macintosh brings such bits from the page to the stage in a big way, with measured cynicism giving way to fits of animated, raging disbelief. Illogical human behaviour transforms him into a hysterical Muppet at times and it's tremendously amusing to hear and track these accelerated transformations.
Nathan Macintosh is simply a top-tier standup and his gifts shine through on To the Point. (Comedy Records)