Nathan Macintosh I Wasn't Talking

Nathan Macintosh I Wasn't Talking
Nathan Macintosh bursts into his finely crafted new album condemning his own high-pitched, Disney hamster voice. "You know anytime you hear a black comedian do the voice of a white guy? That's my voice man!" It's interesting because, when he gets revved up to Tasmanian Devil speed, he actually sounds the most like Eminem storming through stories in a manic Slim Shady tone and cadence.
A Canadian Comedy Award winner, Macintosh tells personal anecdotes about being perceived as gay for not drinking beer and owning a tiny Chihuahua dog that he claims was left at his door in a sack. His attitude, tone, and presence often work as a punchline in itself; his writing is sharp but it's really his performance that sells so many bits like "Grew Up Without a Dad," "McDonalds Night Shift Workers," and "Samsung vs. Apple."
"You ever go to Burger King?!" he cries out at one point, in the midst of discussing fast food presentation. "Yo, they don't care at all. Like, every burger at Burger King looks like it was made during a domestic dispute!"
There are 25 tracks on I Wasn't Talking and the longest one is just over two-and-a-half minutes. It's a collection of seething clips. The record is a barrage — a flurry of words, voices, angles, and ideas that leave the crowd gasping for a breath that rarely comes. Macintosh is a high gear, hip-hop comedian (which he acknowledges on bits "Scary Rap Music" through to the brilliant analysis of "Kanye West/Rap Kings") who soaks up pop culture and peppers it with an exasperated, street-wise stance (and plenty of natural, emphatic "Yo's"), almost like he's busting bars as much he's dropping lines. (Comedy Records) (Comedy Records)