​Men Ask "I'm Not Bad, Right?" in New 'Portlandia' Sketch

​Men Ask 'I'm Not Bad, Right?' in New 'Portlandia' Sketch
Portlandia returns for its eighth and final season early next year, but right now, co-creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are teasing the upcoming episodes with a new sketch.
Dubbed "I'm Not Bad, Right?" the clip pokes fun at men who are unable to grasp the concept of basic human boundaries and have become overly sensitive in their interactions with women in the wake of the long overdue outcry against sexual harassment in Hollywood.
The sketch is set at a law firm where the first female partner has just been hired, and a meeting quickly descends into men looking to the woman for confirmation that "I'm not bad, right?" — despite existing in a world that upholds systemic sexism.
Brownstein's character does a commendable job at keeping her cool — at least until a dude gets defensive and she fires back: "I've had 17 years of rampant sexism in this office, but I am so sorry that you've had two seconds of discomfort."
The bit might be a bit more effective if the show hadn't previously come under fire for transmisogyny, gentrification and whitewashing (not to mention Armisen's questionable track record with women).
Watch the preview below.

Season 8 of Portlandia begins on January 18 on IFC.