Judd Apatow Is Working on a George Carlin Documentary

"I think his work turned out to be very prophetic"
Judd Apatow Is Working on a George Carlin Documentary
Director Judd Apatow has revealed plans to work on a new documentary about the late comedy giant George Carlin.

In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, the filmmaker spoke at length about his most recent work on The King of Staten Island with Pete Davidson, and how he has become a "curator of American comedy" throughout his career. In speaking about comedy's legacy, Apatow revealed that he would soon begin work on the new documentary.

"I'm about to start work with my partner Michael Bonfiglio on a documentary about George Carlin," Apatow told the publication. "So I'm looking forward to watching a lot of Carlin interviews and specials. I think his work turned out to be very prophetic."

In addition to his announcement, Apatow reaffirmed the need to record the history of comedians like Carlin, so that their stories don't become lost to new generations.

"The way the world works now, if you don't organize someone's history it disappears down the digital drain," he said. "There are other people out there with a similar strong interest, like Marc Maron, who are part of the podcasting world and the standup world. Maybe I'm just the most obsessed."

Carlin died of heart failure in 2008. He was known for his satirical comedy style, as well as his poignant social criticism and philosophy through the vein of comedy.

So far, few other details have emerged on the forthcoming documentary.