Is Sacha Baron Cohen Making a 'Borat' Sequel?

He may have been spotted filming as his classic character
Is Sacha Baron Cohen Making a 'Borat' Sequel?
Back in the 2000s, the world met a wacky fictitious Kazakh journalist named Borat. Played by Sacha Baron Cohen, the character travelled to America to make a documentary, and met a bunch of embarrassing conservatives along the way. Now, it appears Borat may be back in the U.S. for another film, as he has been spotted filming in California.

In a video posted by TikTok user Alexandheir, Cohen — or someone who looks a lot like him in a Borat outfit — is seen driving around the Long Beach area of Los Angeles in a yellow pickup. The vehicle is being pulled by a film crew, presumably shooting for some sort of revival of the project.

While Cohen has yet to officially announce his return as Borat — and likely never will — the man inside the truck is donning the character's classic getup, moustache and all.

Hopefully, this sneak peek doesn't spoil any surprises for any potential dimwitted interview subjects. However, it has become pretty clear that he's up to something — having been almost arrested for trying to interview Rudy Guliani in New York while donning a pink bikini earlier this year.

Previously, Cohen said his Showtime series Who Is America? would not be coming back for a second season, so it's likely that he's working on an entirely different project.

See the latest clip below.

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