Exclaim! Comics: Spring Is Here (Sorta) So It's Time to Take Your Club-Level Soundsystem to the Park

Illustration by Jenn Woodall

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Apr 17, 2023

Spring is here! Well, sort of. Sure, there's still the occasional ice storm, but the buds are on the trees and it's time to bring the obnoxiously large sound system to the park and disturb everyone else's peace and quiet!

Elsewhere in the latest edition of the Exclaim! comics page — found in print in our Spring 2023 issue, on the streets now — we've got an aquatic voyage to a SZA concert, as well as a tell about the mythical casino rat.

SZA by Joseph Starkey

It's Finally Spring! by Jenn Woodall

Cheezies by Fiona Smyth

Unexpectful Exceptions by Chaddy-Ann Newton

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