Emily Heller

Good For Her

BY Vish KhannaPublished Nov 13, 2015

Pleasantly self-conscious, Emily Heller gets personal about her goofiness and membership in a "general loser community" on her evenly paced stand-up debut. When she digs deep into her psyche, she sees her parents as silly if benign guardians, and her own behaviour growing up in San Francisco as just kind of odd, really. She knows now that she was viewed as an outlier by her peers and, while she laughs about it, there's a bit of scarring still left over.
That white, suburban pain has clearly shaped Heller as a single woman trying to make her way in the world, recognizing her own weirdness and embracing it. She talks about being a pothead with pride, and her riffs on whether or not she might have kids (and an odd reality TV show, which profiles women who have no idea they're pregnant until a baby arrives), as someone who's resolutely/desperately single, are funny and revealing.
Heller doesn't sound like she's working a persona or honing some idiosyncratic presence. Instead, she's casual and hilarious and the clever Good For Her ultimately feels like a really nice hang.
(Kill Rock Stars)

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