Emily Heller

Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, August 10

BY Julianna RomanykPublished Aug 11, 2017

Emily Heller loves to laugh about things going wrong. From her nightmarishly creepy experiences with online dating to seeing her grandmother accepting that she wouldn't live to see a female president like she'd hoped, there was nothing too awful for Heller to make funny.

Even as she looked at the current president of her country with dismay and admitted that his actions sometimes bring her to tears, she found a way to gleefully compare him to Buddy from Air Bud, professionally playing a game he shouldn't be in without regard for the rules. Refreshingly smart and original, Heller is a realist, yet somehow her comedy magically never becomes bitter.
When she wasn't looking outwards at the world and its many flaws, Heller turned inwards and joked about herself. Her bits about how she picked her therapist and trying to be her therapist's favourite patient were candidly funny, as was her explanation of why she doesn't like to wear gym clothes.

Likewise, her comedy about her personal life was also great. Her distinction between how long it took her to tell her boyfriend she loved physical things about him and how long it took for her to tell him "I love you" was cleverly hilarious, plus her line about how she plans to refer to him as her boyfriend even as they grow old together was adorably silly.
Heller's openers were also wonderful. Arthur Simeon's perspective on growing up in Uganda and living in Canada as an immigrant was as funny as it was unique, while his stories about growing up with three older sisters were charmingly relatable.

Anasimone George also entertained the audience with her zany story about a drunken night that turned ended up with her having sex with one of her friends, but she included a few too many details at the top of her anecdote to really keep the crowd riveted.

Lastly, Craig Fay was also solidly amusing as he connected with the crowd over the annoyances of office jobs. His observations about printing out emails and dialling "1" before phoning long distance numbers had everyone thinking "I've been there" and laughing along with him.

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