David Cross Says He Was Doing a "Southern Redneck Character" When He Made Racist Comments to Charlyne Yi

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 19, 2017

This week, there are plenty of horrible stories on this swirling, trash-filled internet where we choose to spend our days for some reason. Among them are allegations that David Cross made uncomfortably racist "jokes" when he first met comedian, artist, writer and actor Charlyne Yi. Yesterday (October 18), Cross offered an apology while also suggesting Yi was "misremembering" the situation.

Rather than let it go and try to learn from his mistakes, Cross has doubled down on defending himself. In a new statement entitled "A Fruitless Endeavor Part 2," he said he was doing a character when he made racist comments to her.

"I must have done my version of a southern redneck character, one of which I am well acquainted with from growing up in Georgia, which I have made fun of forever (Ronnie Dobbs, stand up etc) and Charlyne did not understand I was doing my 'welcome to Shreveport' greeting," he wrote.

Read David Cross' latest posts about the allegations of racism below, followed by Yi's initial posts.

Here are Charlyne Yi's tweets:

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