Chappelle's Show: Season 2

This was the season where Dave Chappelle became one of the biggest names in comedy, which recently forced him to take an unexpected trip to South Africa. With one episode, Chappelle's Show became absolutely massive, leading even middle-aged white men to deliver the line, "I'm Rick James, bitch." Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Story on his many bizarre encounters and frequent ass-whoopings with Rick James is still as hilarious as it was last year, but this breakthrough season wouldn't have propelled Chappelle into super-stardom with only one joke. His impersonations of Samuel L. Jackson and Lil' Jon are hysterical, and watching crack addict Tyrone Biggums bust through brick walls or the Wu-Tang Clan being drafted by the Asians is equally satisfying. With the third season on hiatus and the release of this sophomore season continually delayed, one would hope that there are some quality extras attached, and in this case there's an extra disc's worth. The one hour of bloopers and outtakes has some great moments, especially when Dave is involved, but watching Yoshio Mita muttering his lines over and over again grows tiresome. The best extra comes via some off-camera banter with the audience, as Dave proves that he can entertain on the spot while choosing the right hat for the camera or even delivering another generic throw to a sketch. More focus is paid toward Charlie Murphy and Rick James, with extended interviews with both, and the 20-minute conversation with the late super-freak makes you realise that cocaine really is a hell of a drug. Throw in selected commentary with best friends Chappelle and co-creator Neal Brennan, and you have a DVD that will make you laugh until your face hurts. Shit, did you ever think Wayne Brady would make you bust a gut? Plus: two unaired Charlie Murphy stories. (Paramount)