Aziz Ansari Dangerously Delicious

Aziz Ansari Dangerously Delicious
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If you haven't fallen in love with Aziz Ansari yet, then you're probably the only one and it's probably kind of boring under that rock. Ansari's identity-based standup comedy spawned his semi-autobiographical show Master of None, which won the Critics' Choice Award for Best Comedy Series.
Dangerously Delicious is Ansari's second standup special, recorded in 2012 at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C. Ansari is a joy to watch because his stage persona is the perfect balance of cartoonish act-outs, childlike excitement, and incisive social critique. He is so charming that he even makes the audience laugh as he tells them that he hates some of them — a lot; he combine this stage presence with an ability to vocalize the concerns of twenty-somethings in the age of social media.
Ansari discusses a range of topics: his difficulty approaching women in person; his struggles with communicating with women over text; his love of food; subscription porn sites and ethnic slurs. He broaches touchy topics without ever seeming vulgar or insensitive, which is pretty impressive given that he does a bit about how to sign "jizz everywhere." He is one of those rare standup comedians that make you smile the whole time you're watching his set, partly because he's so cute but mostly because his material is so resonant.
Throughout Dangerously Delicious, it is clear that Ansari has a talent for presenting everyday scenarios and then taking them to absurd conclusions. He also uses callbacks consistently in ridiculously fun ways. And, he provides just the right amount of detail to his jokes so that things move at a good pace but his audiences can still clearly visualize what he describes and have time to react.
Dangerously Delicious is a strong special by an incredibly talented standup comedian.