Astron-6's 'Divorced Dad' Is Officially Back On-Air Following YouTube Ban

You can finally watch the entire web series now

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Mar 6, 2018

Following a YouTube ban over an ISIS joke late last month, Astron-6 has finally got its new Divorced Dad web series back on-air.

Late yesterday (March 5), the Canadian film collective announced that the long-awaited series was again available to view, both on YouTube and now on Vimeo as well.

You can watch the show here on YouTube and here on Vimeo.

However, the controversial "My Sis" episode is still banned on YouTube. So your only option to see that particular episode of the five-part series is on Vimeo.

As previously reported, Divorced Dad was pulled by YouTube quickly after its initial launch in February for violating its guidelines.

Speaking to Exclaim! at the time, Astron-6's Conor Sweeney explained that YouTube pulled the entire series over a joke used in the "My Sis" episode that involved terrorist organization ISIS. And it seems that YouTube has not changed its mind about the episode, though it has at least now lifted its ban on the show's other episodes.

"This truly makes no sense to me, and we are such a bizarre target for YouTube to pick," Sweeney previously said. "I think YouTube is existing in an incredibly troublesome morality/creativity paradox. Logan Paul videotaped the corpse of a suicide victim for shock value and laughs. David Duke has his own YouTube page with tens of thousands of followers. Teenagers film themselves kicking the shit out of each other and bullying their peers. ISIS supporters upload songs and tributes to the organization. Serial killer worshippers post tributes, and on and on.

"More than anything, it's puzzling that they targeted a satirical comedy web-series that clearly is not towing the line for ISIS. It sets such a weird precedent that it makes their message beyond troubling."

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