Ali Wong JFL42, Sony Centre, Toronto ON, September 24

Ali Wong JFL42, Sony Centre, Toronto ON, September 24
Ali Wong does it all and has it all. She scoffs when people ask her "How do you balance family and career?" as if she's a negligent mother just because she's the breadwinner. She tours around North America with her husband selling her merch, even though he works as a Vice President of Product for a company founded by former Facebook executives during the week. She's now expecting her second child, and performing pregnant again as if it's not only no big deal, but it's not even worth mentioning. Kicking ass and making people laugh, Wong is the hilarious hero you need, whether you're preoccupied with parenting or a go-getter workaholic.
Once Wong has locked her mind on something, she doesn't back down. Her description of her friend's vagina post-pregnancy as being "so stretched out that it looked like two dicks" shocked everyone without exception. She also went in for the kill with some savagely vivid comedy about wearing diapers for months after giving birth, what it's like to eat someone's ass when they're unadventurous and tense, and giving a blowjob to a guy with a micro penis.
Similarly, Wong's opener Kevin Camia amused the audience with his observations about genitals. His jokes didn't sucker-punch the audience with laughter like Wong's, but his choice to describe his dick as "mauve" and follow it up with a long pause was solidly funny.
Having said that, this show wasn't just centred around obscene comedy: Wong also had some scathing insights into how society views and treats women. Her case for paid maternity leave was as convincing as it was funny, while her deconstruction of why being a stay-at-home mom is tougher than you'd think pointed out the other side of the story with just as much gusto. Better yet, Wong broke down barriers and gave the crowd belly laughs by talking about why she and her husband are both proud that she makes way more money than him, revealing that she has a pre-nup that works in her favour, and discussing the disparate ratio of blowjobs to cunnilingus among most couples.