Meek Mill

Dreams Worth More Than Money

BY Eric ZaworskiPublished Jul 6, 2015

Meek Mill raps like he's earned it. Whether you're familiar with Meek Mill the Philadelphia-based battle rapper, or Meek Mill the romantic confidant to Nicki Minaj, he's finally gotten his front page, mainstream introduction. Milly's been dropping hits since the end of last decade — he's got an oeuvre consisting of raw, hard shit built atop street-wise sensibilities and standout guest appearances, like last year's inescapable cocaine anthem from O.T. Genasis, "Coco" — and yet Dreams Worth More Than Money is only his second major record release.

True to the tradition of his excellent Dreamchasers mixtapes, the album begins with a motivating intro track, on which Mill raps, "Shout out that judge that denied me my bail" with feeling atop a classical requiem mixed with trap drums. Mill complements an energetic and infectious brag verse from hometown hero Drake on "R.I.C.O." with finesse, and matches Future's trademark whooping Atlanta drool on "Jump Out The Face." He even enlists Nicki for support on a pair of tracks, which, unfortunately, don't quite match the insanity that was their duet "Big Daddy" off of last year's The Pinkprint.
Despite the many guests, this is the definitive Meek Mill album. Dreams Worth More Than Money overflows with sonic effervescence, drawing you into the snake pit that is the mainstream hip-hop industry, with all the opulent trappings therein. Tight production support ingenious raps that continue to push the envelope of the street anthem narrative, and make you want to go earn shit like Meek. And then brag about it.

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