Zoobombs Bomb You Live

Having been to the El Mocambo on April 26, 2000 to see the Zoobombs record this live album, I was a little hesitant about this new CD. As a Zoobombs fan, I've come to expect wild unhinged performances from one of Japan's best sonic exports, who deliver an intense mix of high energy garage rock and funk groove. April 26 was certainly not one of the band's best performances and, if anything, they seemed a little subdued. Bomb You Live, however, indicates that the band might have been focusing a bit more on keeping their instruments plugged in and front-man/guitarist Don Matsuo from knocking anything over, which ultimately results in a great listen. The mobile recording mix is far superior to the sound in the club and the set rocks steadily from track to track. While the Zoobombs are known for their ability to distil classic rock and funk to their blues roots and turn things up a few notches, this live set appropriately focuses on the bands ability to kick out the jams. Other than Don's cracking vocals, the band is in prime form, with drummer Bukkabilly kicking ass in typical fashion, Don pushing his guitar, body and voice over the edge and bassist Moo-Stop grooving intently with Mattaira's superior funky keyboard riffs. Highlights include the blistering "South Central Rock," the poppy rap of "Jumbo" and a new track, at the time, the slow cooking guitar wank "Circle X." Both the album title and recording location pay obvious homage to the Rolling Stones but it seems that the real reason the Zoobombs came to Toronto to record their live album stems from Don's surprising infatuation with El Mocambo booker Dan Burke, whom he describes as his Toronto "father" and is featured here in both voice and image. Go figure. (Teenage USA)