Zomby Puts One Foot Ahead of the Other on New EP

Zomby Puts <i>One Foot Ahead of the Other</i> on New EP
UK dubstep guru Zomby gained a lot of attention last year with his excellent debut, Where Were U In '92?. Now, he has revealed that he'll be following it up with an upcoming nine-song EP.

Titled One Foot Ahead of the Other, the record is due out on August 24 in the UK via Ramp Recordings on both CD and twelve-inch vinyl. We've yet to hear the release but according to the UK's Fact Magazine, the record is "focused on vibrant, sharp 8-bit sounds that seem to stare in every direction at once." The usually reliable mag even goes as far as saying "this whole EP is superb."

For a taste of what Zomby has cooked up, several samples of the EP are available over on Ramp's MySpace page, and they do sound pretty sweet.

Here are the tracks on One Foot Ahead of the Other:

1. "One Foot Ahead of the Other"
2. "Helter Skelter"
3. "Pumpkinhead's Revenge"
4. "Polka Dot"
5. "Godzilla"
6. "Expert Tuition"
7. "Bubble Bobble"
8. "Mescaline Cola"
9. "Firefly Finale"