Zebrahead Playmate Of The Year

Modern day punks are really good at making terrible music. Take Orange County's Zebrahead, for instance. The band has an impressive résumé, touring with the likes of the Offspring, Cypress Hill, Kid Rock and the Vans Warped Tour. This would seem to suggest that they are successful at something, but it's not music. The songs on this album are a cross between the lame rapping punk of Limp Bizkit and the pop punk of Lit. The testosterone level of this band must be through the roof. On songs like "Playmate Of The Year" and "I'm Money," the band show their "talent" for attracting the ladies. There really is nothing on the album to make it different from the already overdone scene of slobbering frat boy punk that graces the current rock'n'roll airwaves. (Columbia)