Yves Jarvis Details New Album 'Sundry Rock Song Stock'

Hear the newly shared song "For Props"
Yves Jarvis Details New Album 'Sundry Rock Song Stock'
A month after sharing new song "Victim," Yves Jarvis has detailed a new album. Sundry Rock Song Stock arrives September 25 through Flemish Eye.

Sundry Rock Song Stock runs 10 tracks in length and follows last year's The Same but by Different Means. Jarvis recorded and mixed the album himself alongside engineer Mark Lawson, and painted the cover portrait seen above.

Green is the colour Jarvis most closely connects to his personality. As he explained in a statement, "I experienced a musical breakthrough with that bright, easy sound of my last two albums. It felt good to make at the time, but it counters my essence. People think I'm calm, but I'm very not calm, and I'm happy to elaborate on it now. This album came together exceptionally easy in reaction to that nighttime shit. This green is epitomized. This album is reduced."

New song "For Props" arrives today alongside the announcement, complete with a video that captures a performance from Jarvis at the Tree Museum in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

"What does it mean to earn a fortune? I've demonized people who can't empathize and can't reciprocate, because that's how it feels," Jarvis said of the track. "I'm just playing a role there. On the other side, everybody is pandering for props, even the good ones. That disgusts me, but I don't want to criticize it in the real world. I just want to criticize it in a song. I see people going back and forth arguing and it seems like a nightmare to me. You have to listen to my music if you want to know what I think about anything."

Sundry Rock Song Stock:

1. Epitome
2. In Every Mountain
3. For Props
4. Ambrosia
5. Emerald
6. Victim
7. Semula
8. Notch In Your Belt 9. Emblem
10. Fact Almighty

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