Yung Lean "Miami Ultras" (video)

Yung Lean 'Miami Ultras' (video)
Though Stockholm sad boy Yung Lean starts his North American tour next week, the rapper apparently likes to chill out at home too. That said, the squirrely, out-in-the-woods activities he gets up to in the new video for Warlord track "Miami Ultras" suggest getting integrated with the general public might be a good idea.

The video takes place in and around a secluded cabin, with the rapper first found digging ditches. His foraging lifestyle is arguably summed up with lines like "I take what I got, I live till it stops," which are paired with the sight of him chop, chop, choppin' some wood.

There's a bit of oddness to the piece, with Yung Lean being a bit bloodied up, addicted to an IV drip, and possibly suffering from Argyria by the end of the video.

The colour-changing video clip can be found below, while Yung Lean's tour schedule can be seen in detail over here.