Yung Lean "Eye Contact" (video)

Yung Lean 'Eye Contact' (video)
Snapchat filters are great, and all, but sometimes you just feel the need to put a real-deal flower crown on your noggin. Swedish CK model/rapper Yung Lean has done just that in his video for "Eye Contact," and it looks great. But, being a true-blue Sad Boy, he's still moping around a bit.

The video for the latest Warlord single has the spitter rapping before a bounty of food and flowers. Whether it be the weight of his own petal-heavy headware, his mood, or the fact that he's higher than a "bird-bird," he can't keep his head up to make contact with the camera's lens. Trying to raise his spirits, however, is a sartorial snare-whapper apparently imported from French revolutionary times.

You can find the new vid for the Dimetapp-dripping, slow-mo hip-hop track down below.