Yuck Expand Debut LP for Deluxe Reissue

Yuck Expand Debut LP for Deluxe Reissue
Without question, between the release of their self-titled debut album, a single, singer Daniel Blumberg's solo project and a ridiculous amount of touring, '90s-inflected English pop rock crew Yuck have had quite a busy 2011. With just a few months to go, the troupe are prepping another release for retro-minded music fans to latch on to. If you hadn't already nabbed it, Yuck are now re-releasing their self-titled debut album with some bonus songs attached.

Fat Possum is giving Yuck the deluxe treatment, re-releasing the album as a double-disc set with six extra songs on the bonus CD. Not all of the tracks are new, however, as "Milkshake" popped up on a single a few months back. Regardless, Blumberg explained in a statement that these songs should have been on the album.

"When we were writing the songs that would become the Yuck album we were just writing songs rather than an album," he said. "We put the tracklisting together on a whim, and even on the day of mastering we were adding tracks and changing things around. Sometimes it's felt strange that songs like 'Milkshake' and 'Soothe Me' aren't on there. We like playing 'Milkshake' live, and 'The Base Of a Dream Is Empty,' that one's nice, and Jonny [Rogoff, drums] loves 'Cousin Corona.'"

You can download and/or stream new tune "Cousin Corona" below. The expanded Yuck reissue comes out October 11.

Also, the band will be making another tour of North America and stopping in Canada for shows in Toronto on September 25 and Montreal on September 24. You can see all the North American stops here.

Yuck Deluxe Edition:

Disc 1:

1. "Get Away"
2. "The Wall"
3. "Shook Down"
4. "Holing Out"
5. "Suicide Policeman"
6. "Georgia"
7. "Suck"
8. "Stutter"
9. "Operation"
10. "Sunday"
11. "Rose Gives A Lilly"
12. "Rubber"

Disc 2:

1. "The Base Of A Dream Is Empty"
2. "Milkshake"
3. "Coconut Bible"
4. "Cousin Corona"
5. "Doctors In My Bed"
6. "Soothe Me"

Cousin Corona by Yuck