Young Thug Beautiful Thugger Girls

Young Thug Beautiful Thugger Girls
It was already basically a truism at this point to say that Young Thug is one of the most versatile artists in hip-hop. But with the release of his highly anticipated singing album, Beautiful Thugger Girls, the Atlanta native reaffirms his spot in the genre with an album so good that picking standout tracks is close to impossible.
For the sake of the project, Young Thug morphs his characteristic melodic rap into a croon, presenting fans with the first album made up almost entirely of the artist's singing abilities — save for a few lively rap verses in tracks like "Do U Love Me" and "Daddy's Birthday."
Despite the artist's evolution, though, one element of his music remains the same: the lyrics are as clever, genuine and sexually explicit as ever. On the Wheezy-produced "You Said," for example, Thug expresses his confusion with a female partner who fails to keep a number of (mostly sexual) promises, while singing lines like "I make her stand up like some bunny ears."
Throughout, Thug effortlessly combines diverse musical genres with traditional trap sounds to create a project that is sui generis. In classic trap fashion, bass and hi-hats permeate the album, but a Latin melody ("For Y'all") and the acoustic guitar ("Me Or Us") turn the trap album into a delicious musical jambalaya.
Beautiful Thugger Girls — which lists Drake as executive producer — pushes the boundaries of Atlanta hip-hop while adding yet another groundbreaking project to the trapper's discography. (300 Entertainment/Atlantic/WEA International Inc.)