Yoo Doo Right Release 'The Sacred Fuck EP'

BY Allie GregoryPublished Mar 15, 2024

Montreal's Yoo Doo Right dropped one of Exclaim!'s favourite Canadian albums of 2022, and now they're back with a surprise-released record called The Sacred Fuck EP, courtesy of Mothland.

The 23-minute EP is anchored by nine-minute closer, "FULL HEALTH (BBB)," which arrives alongside a video by Jared Karnas. 

"This video is basically two simple loops playing over and over (and over) along this epic journey of a song that Yoo Doo Right crafted," Karnas explained in a statement. "It follows a cyclist riding head-first into the eye of a storm (or into the chaos of life) with total disregard [for] their own safety."

Watch that below, where you can also listen to the EP in full. Below that, you'll find a statement about the record from Yoo Doo's Justin Cober. 


It was something therapeutic to do at the time. I suppose the original purpose was to play with creating scenes, narratives, projecting ideas and evoking emotions through the use of found sound and field recording, as opposed to attempting emotional manipulation through traditionally composed music. A lot of these scenes, narratives, ideas and emotions come from trying to place sonic images in a cinematic way to coincide with a lot of the hurt and confusion we had experienced and are continuing to experience these past few years.

Track 2 is the improvised violin musings of a man known in our neighbourhood as Mark Landry. He can be found at Station Joliette sometimes brilliantly, sometimes hauntingly and other times outright manically crashing away on his violin, hunched over in a trance state of uninhibited inspiration. On the day I captured this recording, it was as if his very real-world struggles with homelessness, schizophrenia and drug abuse were, for just a moment, of no consequence. Track 5 [“FULL HEALTH (BBB)”] is the fruit of some sessions we did at a rented chalet in Saguenay in February of 2023. It was recorded at Studio Mixart by Trevor Turple on the 23rd of November 2023.

The artwork is taken from a language textbook showing the various ways we enunciate. I thought it fitting to express the harm and heartbreak that can be caused by such simple, thoughtless movements of the mouth and in the same breath can be, if used thoughtfully, a means to rally and stand up to bring an end to it all. 

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