Ying Yang Twins U.S.A.: United States of Atlanta

This album isn't as bad as you might think. Sure "Wait (The Whisper Song)" might leave a thong taste in your mouth, but if you're into that sort of thing, what's to hate? Certainly not "Long Time," a song that features R&B crooner Anthony Hamilton. On it, the Twins kneel before their Lord and pray and Hamilton serves as the choir, belting out a heavenly hook in the tradition of black church folk music. Sacrilegious? Maybe, but it sounds damned good hearing the Twins talk gruff to God. But can anyone explain what Adam Levine of sensitive girly man group Maroon 5 is doing on a song about a stripper's redemption ("Live Again")? As Levine lays his sensual "ahs” and "ums” over the hook, the radar blip beat blinks and the drums do the humpty dance. But then you have "Ghetto Classics," which lambastes Bush for sending blacks to war. Church, politics, strippers, etc — what else could follow that but more sex? And after "Wait" everything gets sex-u-al, and rightly so. The Twins are at their best when whispering triple-X rated sexual instructions over hisses and minimalist pong beats. (TVT)