Yes We Mystic


BY Laura StanleyPublished Apr 27, 2016

To forgive is to let go, to release the pain that came before and start anew.
At the heart of Yes We Mystic's debut LP, Forgiver, is absolution. The wave after wave of sonic intensity that crashes therein is the sound of the Winnipeg five-piece grappling with their past and releasing their pain; the result is unrelenting drama and unrestrained instrumentation that make Forgiver an utterly enthralling listen.
The bold soundscapes crafted by Yes We Mystic are their most distinguishing feature. On paper, the band sound like they're another middle-of-the-road indie band getting by on anthemic and uplifting songs with no real substance, but in practice, Yes We Mystic's arrangements are darker than other cinematic bands, their lyrics richer, more poetic and shrouded in mystery. It's all enough to make Forgiver sound fresh and urgent.
Like so many songs on the record, opener "The Contest of Strength" begins and ends in two different places. Starting with scattered, softly played guitar chords, the whole band joins in once Adam Fuhr calls for a "celebration," and the track develops into a riotous affair. That same wildness drives the frantic "No Harm" and the sinister "Monument."
As Forgiver winds down, Yes We Mystic don't. On the steadfast "Odessa Steps" and the high-flying closer "Ceilings," every note is played with purpose and power that grab hold of you and drag you into their whirling chaos. From the beginning to the end of Forgiver, Yes We Mystic's ardent heart beats so fast, it will take your own breath away.

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