Yeesh Confirmation Bias

Yeesh Confirmation Bias
Chicago's Yeesh surpass their 2015 release No Problem with Confirmation Bias' asymmetrical math-y post-hardcore, juxtaposing erratic, upbeat music with gravelly, aggressive vocals.
The rough, loose quality, one of the most prominent aspects of Yeesh's sound, complements their unconventional songwriting well on tracks like "Front Line." There's a sketched-out sense, the band basking in brief jams, bringing North of America and early Modest Mouse to mind.
"Well Adjusted" sandwiches quirky meandering between careening punk choruses, while "Limbo District" has an airy, off-kilter casualness that builds to an angry, static-soaked climax that all but drowns out the vocals lamenting being trapped in the rat race. "Speechless" may be more straightforward, but it's no less satisfying – like a blissfully badass version of early Bloc Party, it's got a strong sense of propulsion that's also present on "World Building."
Confirmation Bias is an uneven, at times unsettling combination of conflicting sounds: severity and dissonance one moment, peculiar and playful verging on poppy indie rock the next. It takes a bit to adjust to, but the payoff is worth it. (Tiny Engines)