The XX Lose Member in "Ridiculously Sad" Split

The XX Lose Member in 'Ridiculously Sad' Split
South London's most minimal romantics, the XX, are now officially a trio. The band were already forced to cancel a few of their tour dates this season because of exhaustion and now have confirmed that keyboardist/guitarist Baria Qureshi has left the group.

According to an interview with Stool Pigeon [via The Quietus], Qureshi left due to a mix of not enjoying the touring lifestyle and simply growing apart from the band.

As vocalist Oliver Sim put it, "We're a three-piece now. We've been in a band with Baria since we were 16 and known her since we were 12. It's just been a case of, I suppose, growing apart? It's a big jump from 13 years old to 20. I think we've just grown into different people and I don't believe touring was for her, really."

He went on to say: "It's been ridiculously sad, but I'm quite looking forward to seeing what spawns from here. For the first time in a long time we sat and worked, jamming in a rehearsal space trying to build up the live set again and have moved a bit further away from the album after a stage of just reciting it."

As you can see, the good news is the band are still fully functional and will play all planned shows in the coming months as a trio. Sim even added that he's excited about the possibilities facing the band, saying, "I feel like we're going somewhere else now - being a bit more creative, trying to put on a bit more of a show."

There are plenty of remaining North American tour dates, many of which are supporting fellow electro Brits Friendly Fires. You can see those dates here.