Xiu Xiu "Honeysuckle" (video)

Xiu Xiu 'Honeysuckle' (video)
Some people's day-to-day routine includes a coffee and a jog, but the new Xiu Xiu video for Always track "Honeysuckle" introduces blood into the equation. A whole lot of blood.

The Amir Shoucri-directed clip finds touring member Angela Seo going about her business on a nature stroll, which is normal enough, but the clip slowly devolves into a world of obsession. A manic tooth-brushing sessions is especially disturbing, leaving Seo heaping out gobs of foam. And as an aside, she might not be the best at plucking produce. Perhaps picking the bleeding apple for a snack wasn't the best idea.

As previously reported, Xiu Xiu kicks off a North American tour that will see them hit up a number of Canadian stops with recent split seven-inch mate Dirty Beaches. You can check those dates here.