Xasthur Announces New Album

Xasthur Announces New Album
In the works since 2007's Defective Epitaph first saw the light of day, Californian one-man black metal outfit Xasthur's latest effort All Reflections Drained is finally slated for release by Hydra Head Records on May 26.

Envisioned, created and recorded by Scott Conner, aka Malefic, All Reflections Drained is Xasthur's eighth album overall and continues in its predecessors' tradition of ambient, orchestral black metal. It is also the first effort to feature additional hands, one M.H. (Mark Hunter) as guest vocalist.

For the uninitiated, Xasthur is renowned not only for having a solitary member performing all instruments but because as opposed to typical black metal, Malefic prefers to focus on decidedly more emo subject matter such as astral projection, darkness, despair, death, suicide and hate as opposed to the blasé paganism, Satanism, blasphemy and anti-Christian junk most of his cohorts embrace.

The CD version of the album will also include a bonus disc with alternate song versions, unreleased tracks and cover tunes issued in digi-pack format with cover art by Tim Lehi and photography by Faith Coloccia.

All Reflections Drained tracklisting:

"Dirge Forsaken"
"Maze of Oppression"
"Achieve Emptiness Part II"
"Masquerade of Incisions"
"Damage Your Soul"
"Inner Sanctum Surveillance"
"Obfuscated in Oblivion"
"All Reflections Drained"