Wurdulak Severed Eyes of Possession

Featuring Iscariah (Immortal) and Maniac (Mayhem), Wurdulak is unsurprisingly vile (in the nicest way possible). The guitars grind along like a steamroller of distortion, flattening everything in their path, but despite how grotesquely disgusting the album illustration is, the songs themselves are not noticeably putrid - more intellectually extreme than gory. The CD even includes some soft whispers, a few nice quiet intros and an acoustic guitar interlude, and the last song could almost pass for a lullaby, though a rather subversive one. Revelling in speed and in thick chunky chords, Severed Eyes of Possession is most vile in its vocals, which sound like the singing at a demon orgy. Obsession with gore can easily equate to sonic chaos and an undisciplined performance that spirals right out of listenability, Wurdulak don't fall into that trap, and each explosive move is carefully contained within an overarching vision, as violent as it is. (Season of Mist)