Wu-Tang Clan Legend of the Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits

With the recent releases from this crew with talent that runs deep like a well, you might question why people consider the Wu-Tang one of the most influential and important hip-hop organisations of all-time. When the West coast was riding high on the g-funk craze and the amazing hippy experimentation, this Staten Island group was making some incredibly raw and deep horror rap. When it comes to compiling the greatest gems of the Wu-Tang, all you can pretty much just label it Enter the 36 Chambers. Apart from the early solo efforts, the true perfection of these lyrical assassins is to be discovered on their debut record, with RZA’s very raw and insanely brilliant production sending shivers down your spine. Just run down the track listing of 36 Chambers and every track is a banger; from "C.R.E.A.M.” to "Can It All Be So Simple” to the underground champions like "Da’ Mystery of Chessboxin’” and "Shame on a Nigga.” The overwhelming majority of the Clan forming like Voltron is to be heard on their first effort and, deservedly so, makes up half of this compilation. Even though their following albums weren’t quite up to the foundation that Wu-Tang laid down, there were some notable gems to be found. "It’s Yourz” is easily one of the hottest singles in the Clan’s arsenal and their fairly recent "Uzi (Pinky Ring)” shows that the RZA can still give life to a killer beat for his MCs to throw down on. The Skunk Mix of Method Man’s theme song as well joints from soundtracks you likely didn’t buy but makes this selection a worthwhile pick-up for those who have a hefty Wu catalogue already. The only thing that would increase the value of this gathering of hits is to include some of the joints that the Wu-Tang released on their own solo records, which is not only some of the Clan’s grandest moments, but also hip-hop essentials. Though, it just goes to show that this company succeeded in their world domination and buried themselves amongst other record labels, making the gathering of everything Wu-Tang as tricky as a Dutch master killer. Rest in peace, Ol’ Dirty. (BMG)