WTF? Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Starts "Coffee Crew"

WTF? Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Starts 'Coffee Crew'
Of all the parts of the day, waking up is the worst. Pulling your weary body from the comforts of sheets, pillows and fluffy stuff is serious business and leads most of us to groans, pains and overall discomfort. But fear not, Dave Mustaine is here to help. Yes, Dave Mustaine, the one-time Metallica shredder turned Megadeth’s carrot-topped front-man.

The thrash metaler has started Dave Mustaine’s Monthly Coffee Crew, an online shopping club that offers specialty brews "personally selected” by Mustaine himself. By becoming a member of "the Crew,” each month Mustaine-approved coffee is delivered straight to your doorstep, with the added bonus of "exclusive access to promotions, merchandise and personal correspondence available to Mustaine's Coffee Crew only.”

Here’s Mustaine’s sales pitch for his Peruvian blend: "This is my favourite coffee SO FAR, and I hope it will be your favourite coffee too, SO FAR, until I can decide on which coffee to bring you next! This PERUVIAN coffee was so pleasing to taste and had the right boost I needed in the morning for me to prepare for another day of shredding!”

And if caffeine gives you just too many jitters to shred properly, Mustaine also offers some decaf. But according to him, "I like pushing life to the red-line, like a SR-71 Blackbird, and since Decaf coffee to me is kinda like being in a flight simulator, this was going to be a tall order (unlike that place where Tall is actually small). But I did it! … Now, when I am still working late at night in the studio and craving some java, this is what I have bubbling in the cauldron.”

If all this talk of shredding, redlining and bubbling cauldrons has piqued your interest, you can join Mustaine's Coffee Crew right here at Legends Cup Coffee. But it’s hard to say whether this link will be active six months from now. After all, when killing was Mustaine's business, business was good, but Mustaine selling beans? It’s seems like a tough one to pull off.